Usually, people ask me, why studio?
Why am I prefer working inside my studio?

Okay, let me try to explain.

First, I prefer comfort, not only mine but also my clients' comfort. What does it mean? It means that I do not have to carry my photography equipment in my hands around the world with a big hope of good weather. Honestly, my clients prefer bringing themselves and their stuff to the one comfortable place, where we have already set up all the equipment. They usually prefer not to worry about the weather forecast on the day of their photo session.
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Photograph: Yuliya Sytnyk, Model Yarina
Second, I do not want to get interrupted by anything or anyone during the photo shoot. Also, my clients often can't boast that they like staring at them. See? And in this, again, we are similar.
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Photograph: Yuliya Sytnyk, Model Irine
Third, when I use studio light, I paint. My lighting is my palette. So I love controlling studio light from the beginning to the end, without any exceptions. It gives me endless possibilities for the creative process. My forte is to help people uncover their uniqueness, and studio light is my necessary instrument. My clients admire photos with studio light because they can never take them on their own somewhere on the street or at home. They like the play of shadows and light. They can see themselves differently, not the way they used to see themselves in any other images.
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Photograph: Yuliya Sytnyk, Model Nathalie
There are many other reasons why I prefer to work at a photo studio, but I don't want you to be bored with my long explanation.

See you soon :)
Sincerely yours,
Yuliya Sytnyk

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