Rotatable Suspension Rail Background SYSTEM


What is RSRBS?

RSRBS (Rotatable Suspension Rail Background System) is a unique patented SYSTEM for photographers and videographers, significantly expanding the creative possibilities for professionals and models.
Our SYSTEM allows photographers and videographers to maximize their creative potential and quickly implement many different ideas on one worksite.

Thanks to a well-thought-out system, changing backgrounds is very fast and easy, significantly saving shooting time.

What is it for the photographer?

What is it for the client?

Our SYSTEM allows clients to shoot on various unique backgrounds and enjoy their magnificent photo and video frames. Moreover, to be captured in such many interiors in everyday life, you will need at least four weeks, and thanks to our system, you will spend only a few hours.
Although you cannot even try to find something like this, we know for sure that there is no such thing anywhere.))))
There is nothing like our SYSTEM in any photo or video studio globally.Compared to seamless paper and canvas, which can easily tear and crumple, our background SYSTEM has a strong structure. Clients can lean on them; you can hang a picture, curtains, or any decor on any panel.

Each panel has a different design and texture, which is impossible for seamless paper and canvas. Thanks to the idea of rotation, you could rotate panels 360 degrees around. We can combine panels in any desired way and create actual rooms with two or three walls, windows, and doors to create a "real interior."

What are the advantages?

over existing backgrounds in the industry

What is unique?

Each background is unique and made by hand according to a preliminary sketch created by our team. All backgrounds are made of carefully selected materials, most of them from Europe. Each of the backgrounds is additionally equipped with a variety of decorative items, furniture, props, wardrobe, and others to implement your any creative projects.
about each of the 24 backgrounds
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RSRBS ❤️ ZEAL & PHOTO STUDIO | North Vancouver.

What is RSRBS?✔️ Unique Backgrounds✔️ Changeable Backgrounds for Quality Photos✔️ Professional Photographer ❤️ ZEAL & PHOTO STUDIO | North Vancouver, Canada.