ZEAL & PHOTO can make your photos look amazing. Add, remove, change background or person.
Artistic retouching is a space of aesthetic solutions. Its task is to express the beauty of the inner world through the transformation of the external world, to emphasize what was conceived by the photographer – your emotions, an insightful look, a creative idea to turn a picture into a work of art because you are unique and inimitable! Unforgettable moments, emotions, and sincere feelings - all this is embodied in good photos.

If you want to change something on the image, then retouching in ZEAL & PHOTO is necessary for you. We are ready to provide high-quality image improvement, brightness, contrast, and other parameters and further image refinements, such as background replacement or necessary appearance correction, at the client's request.
    * Light - retouching involves correction of the distorted colour and light tone. The colours will be made brighter and more saturated.

    * Medium - retouching involves more work to improve photos. Natural processing gives the effect of "the same photo, only better." In this case, we remove the skin imperfections, stray strands of the hairstyle and level the complexion, but in general, a person's appearance does not change.

    Artistic retouching

    can be divided into three groups:
    Such retouching can allow adjusting the sharpness of the image, suppress noise, and improve the appearance of the people depicted in the photo: remove pimples, moles, bruises, smooth wrinkles, give expression to the eyes, whiten teeth.

    * Complex - retouching involves complex work to improve photos. Glossy or magazine processing consists in bringing the look to the ideal. The features and shape of the face, make-up, figure, hairstyle, correction of the clothes, background changes are possible, etc. After glossy processing, your image looks like a magazine cover photo.
    • Colour correction
    • Exposure adjustment
    • Selective black and white processing
    • Clarity adjustments
    • Tone-mapping
    • Other corrections
    • Enhance image colour, exposure and others.
    • Change body shape, eliminate defects or imperfections by Photoshop.
    • High-end retouch.
    • We can make a vast range of improvements to your photos even restore old photos.


    The restoration of photographs is repairing damaged printed images and a beautiful opportunity to return the memory dear to the heart. We will eliminate the defects of the photo itself - scratches, spots, cracks. We can give them a colour, return the missing parts, remove the excess from the image, etc.

    We can also improve more recent photographs, such as playing with contrast and filters, setting colour values, adding or ejecting a person from the image, and much more. If the image has a reduced sharpness, grain, or blurredness, we will add the necessary clarity and improve the detail.


    * Light - restoration involves work to restore slightly damaged photos.
    * Medium - restoration involves more complex work to restore the image.
    * Complex - restoration involves the improvement of very poor-quality photos.
    Visually, the degree of damage to the photo for subsequent restoration can be divided into three groups:


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