Safety is essential for ZEAL & PHOTO; that is why we create our policies and taken steps to ensure our guests' safety while at our studio. We thoroughly sanitize between each photo session.

We ask our visitors to help us ensure the safety of their production team and other visitors by following these policies:

  • Each visitor must provide contact information, so ZEAL & PHOTO get back to you in case of COVID-19 exposure.
  • Please wear a mask as much as possible. You will protect others, and others will protect you.
  • Sanitize and wash your hands, disinfect your tools, to keep the environment safe.
We crave to provide the best quality of our service, so let's do it safely and responsibly.

Please read our COVID-19 Safety Plan, and sign ZEAL & PHOTO LTD. COVID-19 VISITOR'S AGREEMENT before entering the studio.


ZEAL & PHOTO LTD. COVID-19 Safety Plan Principles & Measures
1. The safety and well-being of ZEAL & PHOTO LTD. members and guests are our primary concerns.

2. ZEAL & PHOTO LTD. will not be a contributing factor to the spread of COVID-19.

3. ZEAL & PHOTO LTD. will only hold face to face indoor meetings provided:
• the facility allows outside groups to meet,
• government health guidelines allowed such meetings,
• ZEAL & PHOTO LTD. visitors wish to meet,
• measures are in place to comply with facility and government health requirements, and minimize the risk to our visitors.

4. It is each member's responsibility to abide by:
• government health directives including to self-declare requested personal health information and COVID-19 related information prior to attending any in-person (face-to-face) meeting, event or activity,
• the applicable COVID-19 Safety Plan measures for the facility in which the ZEAL & PHOTO LTD. meeting, event or activity takes place, and
• this ZEAL & PHOTO LTD. COVID-19 Safety Plan.

5. This Safety Plan was developed following WorkSAFE BC COVID-19 guidance and NSPS.
Measures in Place
Visitors at any in-person meeting, event or activity are required to complete and submit the current ZEAL & PHOTO LTD. COVID-19 VISITOR'S AGREEMENT prior to commencing their visit. The purpose of this Visitor's Agreement is to screen for COVID-related risk factors and to ensure mutual agreement on health and safety measures.

1. Visitors are required to register for each visit to ensure permitted maximums are not exceeded and to facilitate contact tracing if necessary.

2. Visitor who do not meet all the requirements of the Visitor's Agreement are not permitted to attend the facility.

3. Sanitizer will be provided at the Entrance.

4. Visitors are required to:
• have two Covid-19 vaccinations at least 14 days prior to the start of the meeting/event/field trip;
• maintain a physical distance of at least 2 metres from others not in the same household bubble; and
• properly wear a non-medical mask and/or face shield while attending the meeting/event/field trip and will be asked to leave if they do not do so.

5. Seating will be arranged to maintain a physical distance of at least 2 metres from others who are not in the same household bubble.

6. Car-pooling with anyone not in your household bubble is discouraged to or from any activity.

7. At the facility, photograph prints:
• are to be physically handled only by gloved individuals (other than the image maker or their designate); and
• will be displayed in such a manner as to discourage close contact while viewing and enable attendees to maintain physical distancing of at least two metres.

8. The ZEAL & PHOTO LTD. Assistant is responsible for ZEAL & PHOTO LTD. equipment or designate will:
• sanitize and disinfect ZEAL & PHOTO LTD. equipment after use
• limit the number of people handling ZEAL & PHOTO LTD. equipment.

9. The ZEAL & PHOTO LTD. Board will review and update this COVID-19 Safety Plan as additional information is available.


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