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Unique Photo Studio in North Vancouver, BC

We focus on clients who prefer a tranquil environment and look for a comfortable, private space for exceptional service. We work hard every day to make our clients' visit better and happier.


We work in two directions:

· First, we provide Studio Space Accommodation where you work on your projects. We assist you in any needs, such as lighting tutorials or sharing ideas on how to operate all our equipment efficiently.

· Second, we offer Photo Sessions here, where we work on your projects. We focus on clients who prefer to work in a tranquil environment and look for a comfortable, private space to provide and obtain personal and exceptional service.

Yuliya Sytnyk, photographer


My name is Yuliya Sytnyk, and I am a professional photographer based in North Vancouver ZEAL& Photo Studio. I have more than 15 years of experience behind my back.
My sister and I have opened ZEAL& Photo Studio in North Vancouver. I specialize in studio photography as I prefer to work with studio lighting. I am all about creativity and inventions. My sister Maryna is all about finance and operations.
Our calling is to help people uncover their uniqueness, and that's why ZEAL& Photo Studio is filled with so much chic and equipped with a unique background system. Stunning accessories, designer items, and a cinematic atmosphere only need your presence for the magic to happen.
Why am I prefer working inside my studio?
· First, I prefer comfort, not only mine but also my clients' comfort. What does it mean? It means that I do not have to carry my photography equipment in my hands around the world with a big hope of good weather. Honestly, my clients prefer bringing themselves and their stuff to the one comfortable place, where we have already set up all the equipment. They usually prefer not to worry about the weather forecast on the day of their photo session.
· Second, I do not want to get interrupted by anything or anyone during the photo shoot. Also, my clients often can't boast that they like staring at them. See? And in this, again, we are similar.
· Third, when I use studio light, I paint. My lighting is my palette. So, I love controlling studio light from the beginning to the end, without any exceptions. It gives me endless possibilities for the creative process. My forte is to help people uncover their uniqueness, and studio light is my necessary instrument. My clients admire photos with studio light because they can never take them on their own somewhere on the street or at home. They like the play of shadows and light. They can see themselves differently, not the way they used to see themselves in any other images.
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What are the Advantages of Studio Shooting Over any Outdoor Shooting

Favorable Weather
The first and foremost advantage is independence from external weather factors. There is never bad weather in the studio. It is always clean, warm, bright and cozy. You can definitely not be afraid of rain, fog, snow, wind, cold or sweltering heat here, unless they are artificially created here for a particular image.
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Quality Process and Result
A photo shoot in the studio gives clear and bright, high-quality pictures. This is painstaking and unhurried work to get an excellent result. The photographer is never in a hurry, and doesn't care if the sun has set or risen. No need to wait for extra people to leave the frame. No one bothers anyone and does not distract from work. All this contributes to much more fruitful work, reduces the number of unsuccessful shots and generally increases the number of successful and high-quality photos.
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It's great to have a portfolio made with studio light. Light can emphasize or smooth out, reveal or hide in the shadows, help reveal a character or create a mystery. Light, in fact, is the main thing in photography, so the possibilities become limitless. Unlike street photography, it is possible here to completely take control of the light.
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Calm Environment
It's quiet and safe here. Here we can create a trusting environment for any image and photograph it without prying eyes and the reaction of passers-by. Many customers will be pleased that no outsiders will be present in the room during the shooting. This is convenient for any shoots, especially for boudoir photos when everything should occur without unnecessary worries. Shooting in the studio gives an excellent opportunity to relax and behave naturally without being afraid of bold images.
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Comfort: MUA Station, Changing room, Washroom with shower
To create a certain Photo Session in a studio, you have much more convenience, because there is a MUA station with mirrors at your service, where it will be convenient to do makeup and hairstyle, as well as correct them at any time during shooting. The Change room is a necessary place for changing clothes, as you can change several outfits, shoes and accessories in one photo session. You can also try body art, which can be washed off immediately after shooting, since a comfortable studio always has a washroom with a shower. In addition, there is always a place here where you can safely keep your personal belongings.
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Time is money
For business people who value their time, a photo shoot in the studio is the right decision. Creating a business portrait will not take much time. Images for a resume or business portrait taken in a photo studio will allow you to differ favourably from other candidates and create a pleasant impression during business correspondence and when placing photos on the necessary business platforms.
The shooting time is not limited. We can arrange a photo shoot in the early morning and late evening. Working in the studio, the photographer himself exposes the light in the right way without being tied to the time of day. So if you're an owl or a lark, both options work.
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What are the Certain Advantages of ZEAL& Photo Studio

  • Full range of services
    You can create the perfect image by ordering a photo shoot in ZEAL& Photo. A photographer, videographer, makeup artist, hairdresser, and stylist can work here simultaneously. This allows you to create an unforgettable image and eventually get amazing shots.
  • Outfits
    Don't worry about wardrobe if you do not know or are unsure what kind of outfits you should prepare for your photo session. All those have already been found, selected and ready for your use.
  • Accessories
    Don't worry about accessories if you do not know or are unsure what kind of accessories you should prepare for your photo session. All those have already been found, selected and ready for your use.
  • Shoes
    Don't worry about shoes if you do not know or are unsure what kind of shoes you should prepare for your photo session. All those have already been found, selected and ready for your use.
  • Unique Background System
    Photographing in our photo studio is an excellent variety of exciting interiors, thanks to our unique system of changing backgrounds. This is an opportunity to visit many places without leaving the studio.
  • Props
    Don't worry about props if you do not know or are unsure what kind of props you should prepare for your photo session. All those have already been found, selected and ready for your use.
  • Furniture
    Don't worry about furniture. All those have already been found, selected and ready for your use.
  • Lounge Area
    There are a comfortable sofa and armchairs, a coffee machine, and a complimentary mini-bar with cold drinks. Here you can relax after shooting with a cup of latte, chat, review your images on a big TV, discuss subsequent retouching, choose options for photo books, etc.
  • Exclusive Albums and Printouts
    A wide Album variety. We make an exclusive design for your photo books. An Italian printing company will make the highest quality photo books for you. You will be positively impressed with the quality and variety of possible materials.
  • Gift Cards
    Do you need a gift for a person who has everything? We offer to give emotions!

We can say that a photo shoot in ZEAL& Photo Studio still has many undeniable advantages. And your gorgeous studio imagess and albums will take their rightful place in your house.


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